Join the Nick Nicholas Ford Fantasy Racing League 2018 for a Chance at $50,000

Fantasy Racing League


If you thought the racing season couldn’t get any more exciting, think again. Join us for the Nick Nicholas Ford Fantasy Racing League 2018 to compete against other stock car racing fans for a chance to win a $50,000 grand prize, along with plenty of weekly prizes. If you haven’t already, tell your friends and get ready for a whole new level of racing-season excitement!


Through November 18, we designate a race event to follow each week. After you have successfully registered to participate online, you can submit a Top 10 Finisher prediction for each week’s race. This submission must include your predictions for the top 10 finishers in their exact order.


Each week, you’ll receive three points for each predicted driver that finishes anywhere among the top 10 finishers and 10 points for each driver who finishes in the exact position that you predicted.


Make sure you choose carefully each week, though, because the prize for correctly predicting all top 10 finishing drivers in their exact order for any given week is $50,000 cash. Even if you don’t nail your predictions on any given week, it’s still possible to win $500 for accumulating the most points over the length of the season.

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