Ford Uses Fighter Jet Tech for New Focus Head-Up Display

2019 Ford Focus HUD

The 2019 Ford Focus introduces the fourth generation of this beloved vehicle platform. From front to back, the new Focus features state-of-the-art technologies, from its smart connectivity features to its advanced active safety and driver-assist equipment. Among the fun and innovative features on offer is the new Focus head-up display, which draws from fighter jet technology.

The Ford Focus’s new head-up display is unlike any other. A key feature is its ability to prevent or reduce glare. If you wear polarized sunglasses, many other head-up displays are rendered unreadable. Ford’s smart display system projects information onto the windshield and “bounces back” polarized light to make sure that the display is easily readable at all times, no matter your eyewear.

Polarized sunglasses are a popular choice for drivers because they reduce glare, which causes problems ranging from minor irritation to severe headaches. As Glen Goold, the chief program engineer of the Focus, stated, “Wearing polarized glasses can make a massive difference to visibility for drivers affected by glare, such as when stretches of water, snow or even tarmac reflect sunlight. The head-up display we are introducing for the all-new Focus offers one of the brightest screens, has among the largest fields of view, and will be clearly visible to all our customers.”

The 2019 Ford Focus will be available next year, and you’ll be able to test-drive it here at Nick Nicholas Ford.

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