Ford Announces Expansions to GoRide Health Transit Services

Ford GoRide Inverness, FL

In today’s world, staying connected is more important than ever. Ford is committed to keeping everyone connected, and that commitment extends beyond Ford drivers. Recently, the automaker announced that it is expanding its popular Ford GoRide Health Service, a paratransit system that offers transportation to individuals with disabilities.

Ford believes that kindness and helping out the community are some of the most important parts of any business, and the further development of the GoRide service is a natural extension of this ethos. This service provides transportation for medical needs to people of all ages and disabilities.

The GoRide Health system works by automatically connecting people with dispatched drivers who can provide transportation to medical appointments. While the program was developed in the Detroit area, the program is now expanding to Ohio, followed by Florida and more states by 2020.

Minyang Jiang, GoRide Health CEO, has noted that the system is “gaining momentum because it is a reliable, human-centered service for people whose very lives depend on making their medical appointments.” She describes the service as a response to a growing need that simply wasn’t being met elsewhere.

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