What to Know About Letting Your Grandchild Borrow Your Vehicle

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If you have grandchildren who are rapidly approaching the age when they can drive, you may be tempted to let them borrow your vehicle every once in a while. Still, before you do, you’ll want to read up on the rules of letting other drivers borrow your car.

The good news is that Florida has laws that allow “permissive use,” or car borrowing. According to this rule, if you let someone borrow your car with your permission, they will be covered by your insurance — although you could still have to pay the deductible and premium increases that could arise from an accident. In Florida, if the borrower causes damage to people or property, you’ll be liable for up to $100,000 per person, up to $300,000 per incident for bodily injury, and up to $50,000 for property damage. If the borrower is uninsured, or has less than $500,000 in insurance coverage, you’ll be liable for up to an additional $500,000 in economic damages stemming from the use of your motor vehicle.

If your grandchildren regularly use your vehicle, they need to be listed on the insurance policy. This will result in a more expensive policy, especially if your young drivers recently earned their license.

Of course, another option is to help your grandchild acquire a vehicle of their own. One of the best places to find a new vehicle for a brand-new driver is right here at Nick Nicholas Ford, where we have a wide variety of vehicles for you and your family members to choose from.

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